Alterhuman+ Resources

This is a list of resources for anything under the alterhuman umbrella excluding those dealing with plurality or systems, which as a separate page. Any alterhumans or similar may contact us at if you have any suggestions to be added to this list.

What is Alterhumanity?

Alterhuman is a word for anyone who doesn't fit with a traditional view of humanity. This includes those who identify as nonhuman, such as otherkin and therianthropy, and those who identiy as entities from fiction, such as fictionkin and fictives. This also includes voluntary nonhumanity or fictionhood, such as copinglinks, otherlinks, or fictionheirs.

Alterhuman doesn't quite equal nonhuman though. Those who deeply resonate or connect with nonhumans or fictional entities, which is otherhearted and synpath, are also alterhuman. Delusion-caused nonhumanity is also considered alterhuman.

Some identities may be more debatable with if they count as alterhuman, but they are open to it. This includes systems, which are covered on another page, furries, or movements like voidpunk.

Notes About Credible Sources

There is a lot of misinformation about alterhumanity circulating and kinity especially has a long history of trolling and bad faith label changes, so it's important to be able to recognize credible information. In general it's a good idea to fact-check and verify everything you read, and use multiple sources instead of just one. The best resources link their sources and are made with input from multiple indiviudals.

Carrds are not normally good sources of information. Remember, anyone can make a Carrd, and there is almost never way of contacting Carrd makers. Misinformation tends to spread with Carrds ranging from minor to downright dangerous. Certain online communities may also foster misinformation, such as TikTok. Wikis where anyone can edit should be taken with a grain of salt, especially fandom ones, but you can look for quality control.

Blogs or other public sources of information are good if taken critically. It's a good sign if a blog encourages hard questions or analysis and can provide sources when asked, but not a good sign if a blog seems to only be taking information from non-credible sources and discourages questions.


Alt+HAn organization dedicated for raising awareness and acceptance towards alterhumans and those who identify as nonhuman, including informational pages. There is also a forum.
Alterhuman ArchiveA Neocities site which contains archived sites for various topics on otherkin, fictionkin, and therianthropy, along with other alterhumanity.
Betwen Forest and SeaThe personal website of the multiple systems House of Chimeras. Contains several educational essays and information of the otherkin, therian, fictionkin, and similar, especially regarding the history of those communities
Nonhumanity and NonsenseA personal website for Flock of Changes with several personal essays and an expansive glossary.
Safety in Alterhuman SpacesA PDF with information on red flags and keeping yourself safe in alterhuman spaces.
Wildpath LibraryA resource and hub for nonhumans, including personal essays, further links, and creativity.


AnOtherWikiA well-curated wiki for the otherkin community, currently undergoing an update project with a call for editors.
Dreamhart.orgA more spiritual-focused website for otherkin which contains many articles, links, and other information.
Orion ScribnerA personal website for Orion Scribner, who has written several thurough essays, articles, and books about the subject of otherkin.
Otherkin.netA community hub for otherkin with many articles about otherkin and social groups.


A Timeline of the Fictionkin CommunityA good and detailed document by HoC detailing the history of the fictionkin community.
Fictionkin.comA now defunt forum for fictionkin which also hosted articles about fictionkin as well as fictives.
From FictionOne of the oldest fictionkin websites going through multiple interactions, containing several articles and informational posts.


Feral ScribesA personal website for writings by Akhila. Has essays and personal experiences by them, but also has a page for essays by other therians.
Project ShiftAn informational site about therianthropy with articles and resources for therians.
Therian Nation A series on YouTube with educational videos, information for meets, and guided meditation.
Therian Wiki A well-sourced, curated, and expansive wiki for therians, also contains some articles for similar experiences.
The Were LibraryA resource websites with many writings about therianthropy and other media.
WerelistOne of oldest therianthropy websites that's still active! Has articles and a forum.


Animalhearted Entry on Therian WikiA sourced and well written entry about animalhearted on the Therian Wiki, contains multiple links for further research.
Otherhearted Entry on Therian WikiA sourced and well written entry about otherhearted on the Therian Wiki, also contains multiple links for further research.
Synpath FAQAn FAQ about Synpaths by the coiner of the term.


COpinglink Entry on Therian WikiA sourced and well written entry about copinglinks on the Therian Wiki.
What is a copinglinkAn article from Kinmunity about what a copinglink is.

Other Resources

Draconity.orgA forum and resource for dragconics - those who identify as, have an affinity towards, or feel connected to dragons.