System Resources

This is a list of resources for anything under the plural umbrella. Any systems may contact us at if you have any suggestions to be added to this list. As a note, the webmaster system does not have too many members actively involved in the plural community, and several within this sytem are outspokenly critical of the community. Take this bias in mind when using this as a resource.

What is plurality?

Plurality is an umbrella term for being more than one entity in one physical body. System is what these collectives of beings are called. There are multiple experiences under this umbrella, including multiplicity where system members are more distinct, and medianhood, which is where system members are nondistinct. The medical forms of plurality in the DSM-V and ICD-11 are dissociative identity disorder (DID) and otherwise-specified dissociative disorder (OSDD).

Plurality also involves many different subcultures. This can include ones based around DID/OSDD, but also subcultures such as soulbonding (fictional characters existing in your mind), and a large amount of thoughtform subcultures (tulpamancy, daemonism, servitors, egregores, etc). There are also separate subcultures for spiritual pluraity and even differerent groups for the same exprience. There is no one central culture or group for every system.

Notes About Credible Sources

Like with most things, it is important to be crtitical when looking through sources. It is a good idea to fact-check and think about anything you read, which also includes academia or resources that may seem reputable at first glance. Plurality has a history of medical dehumanization and bias in certain fields. Do not use one source as your only one.

Carrds are not reputable sources, as anyone can make a Carrd and there is rarely a way to contact Carrd creators. TikTok is also not a good source. There are also many sources which present terminology or experiences, or focus on terminology hoarding (normally wikis) which are only used by specific subcultures, and these should be kept in mind.


More Than OneA smaller website with an overview of plural experiences designed to be approachable to singlets and those new to the concept.
Healthy MultiplictyA collection of resources for systems designed to help live life multiple (or median), highly recommended for new systems.
Plurality ResourceA website that recently went through a redesign to offer classes for plurals (?), but still has a lot of infromation.
Layman's Guide to Multiplicity An older, but still applicable, guide to multiplicity in Layman's terms. Note some terminology and views may be outdated.
Safety in Alterhuman SpacesA PDF with information on red flags and keeping yourself safe in alterhuman spaces. While general alterhuman focus, does have a plural section and is important to know.

Non-Trauma-Based Systems

Endogenic HubA website with a ton of information about endogenic systems, including many experiences and information.
Ex Uno Plures A personal website with websites and information by Sylvans, which are a non-medical system.
An Endogenic Proof MasterlistA document created by us dedicated to providing sources about endogenic systems to push back against misinformation.

Dissociative Systems

Dissociative InitiativeA website with information and resources on dissociation, multiplicity, and amnesia.
Trauma DissociationInformation on DID, including the testing, criteria, etc. Uses MPD terminology.
DID ResearchA website with a ton of information about DID. Warning: the system behind this website is known for fakeclaiming other systems and making lists of how to spot fake systems.

Soulbonding/Metaphysical Systems

Soul WhispersA much older soulbonding website by Eclective.
SilhouettesSilhouettes' personal website with a lot of information about gateway and walk-in experiences.
Irkenon's Soulbonding ArchiveA page dedicated to archiving soulbonding wbesites created by Dervish of our system.

Created Systems/Thoughtforms

Tulpa.ioA website with resources and information on Tulpas, incluiding how to create one and further reading
Tulpa.infoAnother website with a ton of resources and information on Tulpas.
Daemon PageThe oldest and most up to date website with information on daemons, what they are, and how to create one.