Applications for Systems

Various apps and such we use to help us as a system that we wanted to recommend. This is still being added to, but any recommendations are welcome.


Firefox Multi-Account Containers

This an official extension with Firefox that stores cookies by indiviudal containers which can be set with a name and color. This enables you to easily switch between multiple accounts and maintain multiple accounts up at the same time. Tabs can be sorted and opened by only specific containers.

Pros:Extremely good for personalization with different system members and managing multiple accounts. There is no limit with how many accounts you can add, which makes it good for both small and large systems.

Cons:Only for Firefox, the closest with Chrome we've found is multiple Chrome profiles but it is limited to 5. You also can't customize the colors, and there's no way to organize the containers in the selection screen.

Mozilla Thundergird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free Email manager and good for systems who have and want to manage multiple Emails for each system member. It is based around managing multiple accounts and identities, which converts nicely to systems.

Pros:No limit to the ammount of Emails that can e added. Allows for a very large of variety of extensions to be added, we recommend Manually Sort Folder for systems looking to manager larger amounts of Emails.

Cons:A lot of issues can be solved with extenssions, but the one we haven't found an extension for is a way of categorizing different accounts.


A simple wiki that works on your desktop, good for storing system information or generally keeping notes.

Pros: Easy to install, espsecially when compared to other wiki software. It's stored in plain text files for easy back up, and editing with ZimWiki is very easy.

Cons: Can be somewhat limited in what you can do, doesn't allow for images.

Tabs for a Cause

Unintentionally a very good extension for systems using Multi-Account Containers, though you need to do a workaround to install it. It allows you to donate with each new tab you open and allows you to set bookmarks, wallpaper, and notes, which can be good for system members who want to track their own information with containers without using shared bookmarks.

Pros: Extremely good for personalization if you're using Multi-Account Containers and have different Emails which syncs between devices, with added bonus of being able to donate to different charities!

Cons: You need to use New Tab Overried to link to "", also needs different Emails for different accounts.

Desktop and Mobile


An application which uses local folders for pages. It's a note-taking application, which can also work as something like a Wiki. It's available on both desktop and mobile and can be used to store a few different files. It's a good app for both taking notes as a system and for storing system information.

Pros:Files are stored locally which means it use files on a flashdrive and makes it easy to back up or copy over, and it can be used on the go as files can be transfered between devices and can be accessed form everywhere. Also allows for locally stored images and there are a nuber of different plugins.

Cons:It uses Markdown, which can be a harder languge for some to pick up and we personally struggles with some of the personalization aspects, but there are guides available.


A worspace designed for teams, but can be worked on individually and is great as a note-taking and information tracking resource for systems. Allows for sub-pages to be made. Pros: Has different features like a gallery and checklist. Allows for creation of templates. "Folders" can still be written in, which makes it easy to store informaiton in some cases. Cons:Requires account in order to view and edit workspaces, and has no options local backup as far as we can tell.

Simply Plural

An app which allows for systems to track fronters, and with friends allows for people who know the system to be able to tell who's fronting.

Pros: Specifically designed for systems and one of the better tools for tracking fronters and possibly the best app out there for it, data is synced between accounts.

Cons: Requires an account for use and syncing, seems to be more social-fucsed which may not work for every system.

Warning: Fronter information for systems is considered personal information and can be used against you. Only accept friend requests from people you trust and idealy know irl.
The useful links section links to some Plural Hub affiliated links.



A photo diary inspiared by Instagram which allows for multiple accounts to be created within it. It's useful for both system member notetaking and communication.

Pros: Allows for commenting and posting between different accounts.

Cons: No syncing and as far as we know there isn't an easy way to back it up. Android version was removed from the app store and there doesn't seem to be an APK backup.


A notetaking app with a Twitter UI which allows for multiple accounts to be register.

Pros: Allows for commenting, posting, and even messaging possible between accounts. Can be backed up to Google Drive

Cons: Rountabout syncing and no desktop version, Chromebook version doesn't preform very well.


The Discord bot "Tupperbox" shows your entire system list. You cannot turn this off any anyone can pull it up. This is personal information for systems, for safety, it is not a good idea to register your system with this bot