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Werecards are a short profile questionaire, first used on Alt.Horror.Werewolves as an extended introduction. While it lost favor as an introduction tool over time, the format has extended to other therian communities where they were used for profiles, such as Werelist or kinmunity which used the alternative "kincard". Some therians still make werecards for fun, but they're usually modified from the original!

There's a more extensive list of original werecards on the WEREweb for those interested.

The original Werecard

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Note that when these first got started on the internet online security wasn't treated in the same way it is now, and most people who used usenet were adults.
There's also a few other variations, including one by Ashen 2012.

Human Name:
Were Name:
Shifting Ability: (mental, physical, etc.)

Home Territory: (where you live now)
Dream Territory: (where you'd like to live, ideally)

Physical Description, Human:
Physical Description, Were:

Human Career:

Favourite Movies:
Favourite Were-movie:

Favourite Literature:
Favourite Were Literature:

Favourite Art:
Favourite Were-art:

Favourite Quote:
Favourite Were Saying/Quote:
Favourite Personal Quote:

Favourite Song/Band(s):
Favourite Were Song/Band(s):

Favourite Season:
Favourite Holidays:

Preferred Prey:
Hunting Tips:
Preferred Method of Attack:

Favourite Non-Were Mythological Beast:

Feelings Toward Vampires:
Feelings Toward Normal Humans:

Personal Lycanthropy / Therianthropy: (This is probably the most important part of the card. What we're after here is a few paragraphs explaining what your lycanthropy means to you, how it fits into and affects your life, your goals, etc. Tell us about your first transformation/realisation of your were nature. Describe the lycanthropy myth as you see it. And so on...)

Our Werecard

For this we're modifying the original to make exclusions or changes or grabbing from the modified version as we see fit.

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Human Name: It's a mystery (unless you know us IRL)
Were Name: Anomaly, Anomalymon(ster), rarely virtualpet(s)
Phenotype(s): Just broadly an animal but depending on who you ask either some alien fauna thing, a Mew or a Mewtwo, or a protohuman.
Shifting Ability: Most of us experience mental, phantom, sensory, perception, emotional, astral, and/or bilocation, for some members these are near constant. Phantom shifts in particular are generally a positive sign that we're grounded in our body. Bilocation shifts tend to be connected to parallel life experiences but not always.

Zodiac: Aries
Home Territory: Where everyone goes to die (Florida)

Physical Description, Human: On the shorter-average side with brown hair and acne. Constantly getting confused for a teenager or younger despite being in our 20s. We're gender neutral enough that people have been verbally confused by our gender in public.
Physical Description, Were: Our daemon is probably the closest to how we'd collectively represent ourselves, they usually appear monochrome with darker colors currently most commonly as an aye-aye or some primates. How we percieve our alien identity varies from headmate to headmate, usually it's green and usually has fur. Same for Mewtwo usually being a shiny Mewtwo. There are a few other collective identities related to parallel lives or imprinting but they are slightly more obscure.

Human Career: Web Developer
Hobbies/Interests: Collectively we like video games, art, writing, and generally collecting things like rocks or stuffed animals
Outdoor Interests: Biking, running, exploring, playing, foraging, we just like to explore places really
Religious Views: Generally chaos pagans but there's a lot of different religions in the headspace ranging from more traditional pagan ones, modern neopagan ones, source/home world traditions, or some who just do whatever. We also have a fair share of people who either don't care, don't know, or don't practice anything.

(Listing favorite were-related ones because we will not be able to agree otherwise)
Favourite Were-movie: Song of the Sea
Favourite Were Literature: The Wild Road or Guardians of Ga'Hoole
Favourite Were Game: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Favourite Were Saying/Quote: Honestly the entirety of the Two-Headed Calf poem
Favourite Were Song/Band(s): Music by Animal Collective/Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks or Cosmo Sheldrake

Favourite Season: Spring and fall usually
Favourite Holidays: Yuletide and Halloween

Personal Lycanthropy / Therianthropy: As a whole we just feel animal. Our general alien identity is something collective but also something non-specific, it's a way to keep ourselves grouded in the feeling of nonhumanity that we all share while not getting disconnected. Some of us see the human body as the alien itself because of nonhumanity. Our collective identities tend to vary in intensity or specific nature with different fronter .

No one in this system considers themselves fully human, even if we happen to get a fictive human, and there is a wide variety of species in this system. Some are inner world specific species who were born here, others are from other realities and reincarnated into this one through some cosmic forces we don't understand yet, and others came from lives parallel to ours and wandered in. While we have non-organics in our headspace, we still call them animals in the way that people might feel empathy for vehicles or spacecraft.

In addition to that, various parallel lives we've been collectively connected to throughout our lives have been nonhuman. Our sibling is a Mewtwo who has their own identity happenings going on and most of them are in a similar camp with the Pokemon equivilant to therianthropy.

This might be vaguer than would have been accepted back then but that's what happens when you try to come up with what a collective identity for 100+ people who share a body :v individually the answer to this question would be a whole lot more specific.

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