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Welcome! This is a website for an otherkin multiple system. Here you will find a wide variety of content, including topics related to multiplicity, nonhumanity, and daydreaming, and also various interests and other fun stuff!

This is the latest iteration of our website which has existed since 2019, and was completely revampted over the course of 2023!

Pages on our website are mostly live pages and may be updated at any time. This is to make things a bit easier with creating and working on content as a system with ADHD!

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We awakened as otherkin in about 2015, and we've participated in the community ever since! Our journey with multiplicity started with soulbonding around the same time, but we realized we are a complex multiple system!

Our system itself has existed since early childhood, and was likely influenced by various neurological things going on. Our system is almost entirely nonhuman and has a complex network of indiviudals and an inner world, spanning across parallel lives and weird walk-in epxeriences.

We almost all identify as otherkin, fictionkin, or therians. We also have others who fit other identities, like otherhearted and copinglinkers. We vastly prefer this terminology to system-specific terminology, and equally love to explore our nonhuman aspects!

The ages in our system skews very young, with a majority of our system being younger than the body! Much of our system also experiences age regression or just general weird age experiences.

We have maladpative daydreaming disorder, working to become healthy immersive daydreaming. These experiences are separate from our system ones, but can be a way we experience play and such.

Our body's lifelong special interest has been Pokemon, which you'll see around the site! Other interests are video games and browser games, cartoons and animation, and animals and mythology!

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