This is the personal website for our system! We have things we enjoy or made and information on our system, as well information about plurality, otherkin, and various other aspects of alterhumanity. This is really just a site to put what we want as a shared group and for some of us to play with HTML/CSS.

We are a system entirely of nonhumans. We typically identify under alterhuman and otherkin labels, and personal identities vary. We have a complex inner world and origin doesn't matter. Collectively we're an alien (some of us say alienkin) and daemonian. We have one main daemon named Mebbit (and several smaller ones). If you see a green monkey around the site, that's most likely Mebbit.

We would prefer you use the fronter's name or ask if unsure of what pronouns we use. Please treat us as indiviudals wherever possible!

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Update your links, we finally got a custom domain name! We wanted to distance ourselves a little more from the "plural" label, but this way our old Neocities url won't break. We're making changes around the site to reflect this change, and a bunch of updates in general. This includes making this news box and we're overall trying to update and polish all the pages around the site.
(Also hello to all the people visiting our site because we wanted to tell everyone we got a domain now lol)
Current things we're trying to get done today:
- Clean up links
- Revive dead pages
- Add more art/graphics to the site
- Create pages for projects

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