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A shiny Mewtwo wearing a bandana, a t-shirt, and shorts looking up with a dark Dratini wrapped around its shoulder.
System as Mewtwo and Mebbit as Dratini, by Mimien

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Geminae Dragon
Minds-Polycephaly, from the game Dragon Cave (click)

This is a website by a queer otherkin system, we typically prefer kin and therian terminology for ourselves as individuals as opposed to system terms. We have an expansive inner world - which includes differing species and spiritual experiences, and many unexplored continents. In addition to many of us identifying as otherkin, fictionkin, and therian, most of our system are also otherhearted. We also have parallel lives/parallel systems with one we consider to be a closer sibling body.

We are slightly fictive (or fictionkin) heavy with several fictional species in our system. In general, the theme for the body of this system and the members associated with it is human mythology and stories, which includes dragons and griffins and modern pop culture.

We practice daemonism, which is a representation of one's subconscious, soul, mindset, whatever, usually represented as an animal. Our system has both individual daemons and a collective daemon, our collective daemon being named Mebbit. Mebbit is generally represented around the site and it'll be captioned as such if it is Mebbit.

Magnesium Amphiptere Dragon
Ignicolist, from the game Dragon Cave (click)

Pokemon has been very influential to our system, along with certain cartoons, games, and comics. We like to draw and write, but typically have unique styles, and we also like to come up with weird stories about things around us! We also like virtual pets and you might see some of them decorated around the site

This is a website to put anything we want, which we've been experimenting with since 2019! Here we'll stick things we like, things that are relevant to us, things that at least a couple people in our system think look cool enough to stick somewhere. Just whatever we want! The current rule of thumb is if we can get more than three people in a system behind making a web page we'll make it.

This is also why we've decided not to incldude a site update section, it puts too much pressure on us with updating! Some pages here might be works in progress, others might be fuller and more complete, this is a website for our system and for fun first and foremost.

If you want to know where an image came from, almost all of them let you hover to see titles and credits - including who made it if it's art by our system!
(As you might also notice this homepage has a lot of pets from various petsites on it because we thought they'd make good page decorations lol)

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Global Pokedex Plus party (click)

shiny Doduo named Anomalyalbino Doduo named ZORVMalbino bug delta Spritzkrow named CrawlyMega Lunupine named CeylaKoroku named Angel

Various Pokemon from Pokefarm (click)
A green aye-aye wrapped around a Hisui Pokeball.
Our daemon Mebbit, by Dervish

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