Anomaly is the headspace, you're thinking of Anomaly's Monster

A shiny Mewtwo wearing a bandana, a t-shirt, and shorts looking up with a dark Dratini wrapped around its shoulder.
System as Mewtwo and Mebbit as Dratini, by Mimien

shiny doduo About Us shiny zweilious

Geminae Dragon
Minds-Polycephaly, from the game Dragon Cave (click)

We're in the process of rewriting this!

Magnesium Amphiptere Dragon
Ignicolist, from the game Dragon Cave (click)

GPXPlus Pokemon Party
Global Pokedex Plus party (click)

shiny Doduo named Anomalyalbino Doduo named ZORVMalbino bug delta Spritzkrow named CrawlyMega Lunupine named CeylaKoroku named Angel

Various Pokemon from Pokefarm (click)
A green aye-aye wrapped around a Hisui Pokeball.
Our daemon Mebbit, by Dervish

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